Sunday, September 14, 2008

iRobot Roomba 418 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bundle

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... iRobot Roomba 418 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bundle. And that includes an iRobot Roomba 415, a Roomba Self-Charging Base, and some other junk. This is probably the first time in a year or more that woot has actually wooted a NEW Roomba. Obviously, roomba reviews are always amazing. I suggest you get this if you don't have one already. Even though this is an older model, it's still hot. Kinda like Clint Eastwood.

iRobot Roomba 418 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bundle - $149.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # The iRobot 418 is a bundle consisting of the Roomba 415 Vacuum and the Roomba 4900 Self-Charging Drive-On Home Base made specifically for Woot
  • # Cleans dirt off of your hardwood, tile, linoleum, and low-to-medium pile carpet
  • # Advanced power system provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power
  • # Returns to charging Home Base when re-charging is necessary
  • # Active Dirt Response detects dirtier areas and automatically increases cleaning intensity
  • # Automatic stair avoidance system prevents falling down on stairs


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