Saturday, September 13, 2008

SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player

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... SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player. Not bad. Good for those of us who don't like bulky players on our arms while treadmilling. The reviews look good. The price looks good. The refurbie status, eh. We can get by that. Right kids?

SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player - $14.99 (refurbished)
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # Direct connect USB MP3 player with microSD expansion slot
  • # MicroSD™ slot to expand your capacity and provide portability of music
  • # Direct USB connector, no cable needed
  • # Drag and drop file transfer, no extra programs needed
  • # Sleek and compact design
  • # Built in Mic for Voice Recording
  • # Four-line, bright OLED screen


Ailene said...

I love the SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player but it was a little out of my price range. I was able to save quite a bit of money by searching all the major comparison shopping sites. If price is a concern for anyone else, they may want to try at

silverman said...

Sansa Express is really cool! The sound quality is quite good. I can plug it directly into my computer without any USB cable. It's very comfortable.