Sunday, October 26, 2008

Philips 42” 1080p LCD TV - Whoopdy Doo

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... Tonight on woot it's a Philips 42” 1080p LCD TV. Recertified and ready to go. What's recertified mean though? Is it any different from refurbished? I hope so, because most of the peeps around the woot hood don't like that "refurb" word. Interesting. Also, Philips 42TA648BX 42” 1080p LCD TV reviews are basically no existent. I couldn't really find much on the CSEs for that exact model number too. I wouldn't bother looking if I were you. But if you want a big tv, and aren't scared of that weird word, this is a pretty cheap price for the size. I've got comparison shopping links to similar Philips LCD TV models above. Check those out.

Philips 42” 1080p LCD TV - $749.99 (recertified)


Anonymous said...

I like the post a little better without the image. I thnk it keeps things looking cleaner and easier to get through. I can find the image on woot any time, so that' cool bud. Thanks.

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