Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet iPod 8 GB - One More Time

The woot today is an Apple MC540LL/A 8GB iPod touch w/ FaceTime, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, 802.11n, Bluetooth. It's refurbished, so be careful. The best part of it is that it does pretty much everything. But don't forget, you can probably renew your cell phone contract and get an android phone that has all the same capabilities and more for the same price or less (possibly free). I'm just sayin. But that fact of the matter is that the Apple MC540LL/A 8GB iPod touch is a great product. Solid reviews.

Apple 8GB iPod touch - Current Gen - $149.99 (refurbished)
Comparison Shopping
Woot it before it sells out!
Some Features:
  • Current generation touch with FaceTime and Retina Display
  • HD Video Recording and photos
  • Web, Music, Movies and TV shows
  • Game Center, iTunes and YouTube
  • Email, Calendar, Contacts, Calculator, Voice Memos and Notes
  • Maps, Stocks and Weather

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